55+ Payment Schedule Template Free (Word, Excel)

Payment schedule template can make it easier for you to make a schedule for paying installments, seeing due dates, and managing various payment needs. The various templates provided are specifically designed for you to still look professional and save you time. The schedule you created can be printed, saved, and shared with your business partners.

If you want to easily manage a business and personal finances, you can use a payment template. payment Schedule template can be used as transaction documents that can protect both parties, both for sellers and buyers. To create a payment plan, you should use a schedule of payments template.

There are variations of payment schedule templates that you can use as needed:


1. Payment Schedule Template


2. Bill Payment Schedule Template



One of the important things in managing finances is to plan monthly schedule expenses. By having a monthly expenditure plan, you can more easily track your expenses and spend wisely. Especially if you are managing a company, planning monthly expenses is very important because it is related to cash flow and the sustainability of the company.

You can plan monthly expenses using bill payment schedule template. The monthly bills you pay can be marked and result in an annual review. The annual review will provide information about where and when bills will be paid. So, you will also be able to see how your money is spent.


3. Bill Pay Checklist Template


If you want to more easily manage bill payments, you can use the bill pay checklist template. This template allows you to provide reminders when bills are due to be paid. In addition, by using this template you will see what bills you have paid.

A schedule of payments template is very easy to use. The way to use a schedule template is that you only give a checklist to the type of bill you have paid. A neat and organized sample schedule display can make it easier for you to use it and see it in more detail.


4. Mortgage Loan Payment Schedule Template


When you have a mortgage loan, you can use a mortgage loan payment schedule template to plan and track loan payments. In addition, you can also track interest, principal payments, and the remaining balance that you must pay. In this template, you will see loan details at the top, such as creditor information, interest rates, loan duration, and so on.

A very detailed and rigid schedule can help you to stay on the right path when making loan payments. If you can see more clearly by using this schedule, you can pay it off faster. You can see the exact change in total costs if you pay more monthly loans.


5. Auto Loan Schedule Template


If you experience difficulties in paying your bills, you can use a schedule of payments template. This schedule can help you to pay bills on time and see how many bills you will and have paid.

You can add additional payment columns to this template so you can see what additional costs you need to pay off the loan. Of course, you will save even more because you do not have much interest to pay. You can enter all the detailed information about your automatic loan in the template. This template will automatically do the exact calculation specifically for you.



6. Pension Payment Schedule


You cannot forget about pension payments because it is an employee’s right. A retirement payment schedule you can use to facilitate your work. By using a retirement payment schedule, you will be able to see the total expenses you have to pay specifically for retired employees.


7. Loan Amortization Schedule


8. Contractor Payment Schedule



In addition, you can also see the timeline when you have to pay it to employees who are entitled to receive it. If you have fulfilled the payment schedule contract template on time, surely your former employees will have a good view of the company so that the quality of the company will increase.

The explanations above are various examples of the schedule of payments template. You can use it according to payment needs. This template is very easy to use. You can print it at home and on your desk or save it as a digital document.