50+ Amazing Weekly Schedule Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

The purpose of the weekly schedule template is to make your life easier. The reason is that it can help you in organizing what you have to do. At the same time, the schedule is also can act as a reminder. Thus, it would be a small chance for you to forget your task, duty, or activity for the day. Among all, the weekly schedule template is what most people have. Because it is considerably long enough for you to scan what you have to do ahead in days but short enough for you to remember them.

A weekly schedule template Word is easier for most people to make. The reason is that Word program is the most common program among others and frequently used. Thus, people are more familiar with Word than the other data processor programs. Although the familiarity, some may find it difficult to maneuver some designing through Word, since it has limit compared to vector program. But this minimizing design capability wouldn’t stop others in making the weekly schedule with it.

How to Use Weekly Schedule Template

Nowadays, getting the schedule template is easy, thanks to the internet. The reason is that you only need to type the keyword through the search box, and you would get numerous templates as a result. Many sites offer free template for you to use. Once you get your template, the next step is to use it as how you need it. That’s why here below are list on how you should utilize your weekly schedule template:

1. Put Your Weekly Schedule

Since you get your weekly schedule, then the first thing you have to do is to put your schedule for the week. It means you have to list down your designed schedule such as school and work in the printable work schedule template. Although it’s almost impossible for you to forget about them, for convenience in planning your weekly schedule, you have to write them. Also, don’t forget to write what week is that for you not to get the wrong week.

2. Add Activities for the Week

Not only the template for weekly schedule , but you also have to write down on the activities you have to do on that week. For example, you have a particular project, and by putting it in the schedule, you will have the urge to finish it as soon as possible. Also, you may write about an event you have to attend, such as a friend’s birthday party or an office gathering. That way, you wouldn’t forget to prepare what you have to bring.

3. Don’t Forget to Do Your Hobby

Although most people may frown at this point, plan on doing your hobby in the weekly schedule would worth. The reason is that by doing your hobby can channel your stress and may become your small sanctuary and a way to refresh. Because doing something you enjoy can help you in facing your week. Not to mention, it also can be a motivation to get through the schedule for you to do your hobby.

4. Socializing is Also Important

Aside from your hobby, it’s also important to put the other activity such as meeting with friends. Also, you can put other social schedules such as volunteer in elderly home care or in a home shelter. The reason is that it’s natural for the human is a social creature that couldn’t help but need others. Thus, it’s important to keep in touch with another human being to keep on being human.

5. Color Coded

To make it easier for you in seeing your schedule, you can try to color code each entry by its category. For instance, for the weekly schedule, activities, hobby, and socializing should have different colors. That way, it will be easier for you to differ with each of them. Or also, you can add different stickers for an important day.

A weekly schedule template Word is easier for most people to make. The reason is that Word program is the most common program among others and frequently used. Thus, people are more familiar with Word than the other data processor programs. Although the familiarity, some may find it difficult to maneuver some designing through Word, since it has limit compared to vector program. But this minimizing design capability wouldn’t stop others in making the weekly schedule with it.

Tips in Making Weekly Schedule Template Word

Just like when utilizing the other tools, making weekly schedule template Word require some understanding over the matter. It’s the basic rule where you have to know on what you’re doing to do it great. That’s why here below are some tips when you’re making the weekly schedule through Word. Also, the tips are not about how you’re using the program, but more in your required knowledge over the schedule making process. Here they are:

1. Mark the Important and Essential Tasks

Among the things you have to do in the week, there would some important and essential tasks that weight more than others. When making the schedule, you should know what they are and what you should do to finish the task. Because it could affect the other schedules around and your week could depend on how long you need to complete the task.

2. List the Tasks Based on the Due Date

Aside from marking the important and essential tasks, you also have to know on the due date for each given task. From there, you should make the list based on the due date for every task. Make the list from the nearest due date onward. Also, make consideration with the hardness level of the task when making the schedule. The reason is that, difficult task tend to need longer time to do. Thus, you could push easier task in between for alteration.

3. Put Additional Time Limit for Difficult Task

As mentioned before that difficult task tend to need longer time to work, you should allocate more time to the task. That way, it wouldn’t disturb on the other agenda in your week if the task take longer to finish than what you originally planned. Also, if the task indeed finished at the original planned time, you could use the allocated additional time to do other things. Whether give yourself some rest after the hard work or doing the next schedule, you only need to decide.

4. Don’t Put Difficult Tasks Back to Back

Another important thing to do, don’t put difficult tasks back to back. The reason is that, difficult task tend to wear your energy more than usual. Thus, doing one difficult task could tire you and doing more right after that would stress you – body and mind. Having stress body means you could easily get sick and having stress mind could affect your performance in finishing the task.

5. Be Flexible for Emergency

The last tip in this list is to be flexible. We all know, that emergency would happen without giving notice first at anytime and anywhere. For that reason, you shouldn’t make iron clad schedule where you couldn’t move a single thing when emergency occur. That way, you have to put the urgent and important things upfront and finish them first. Thus, when emergency occur, you would have time to prepare.

Weekly Schedule Template Word

Making weekly schedule template Word is easy and don’t require a great skill. As long as you’re familiar with Word program, then you can do the job. But if you’re not sure on how you should make your schedule template, you can look several for example before making yours. For that reason here attached some templates that you can use for free. That way, you could have some understanding on the know-how before making one of yours.



Weekly Schedule Template Excel

If you’re looking for the weekly schedule template excel, then you’re coming to the right place. Because here you can get many choices of templates and one of them may be what you want for your weekly schedule. You only need to scan on what attached below and choose the weekly schedule template excel that you want. Then, you can start to write your weekly schedule.





Weekly Schedule Template Printable

Having a weekly schedule template printable is important to manage your weekly activities. Moreover, if you’re a very busy person that often forget your own tasks. By having a weekly schedule template printable, you can see all the tasks you have on a week and remember it as well. However, that’s not the only function of a weekly schedule template, eager to know more? Want to download it right now? Just read this article thoroughly.

Why Do You Need To Have A Weekly Schedule Template Printable?

That’s the biggest question we often ask ourselves about a schedule, why do we need to make it printed? Isn’t it enough to have it written on our notebook or smartphone apps? However, we have the answers for it now, just read on the list below.

To Make Sure You’re Working On Schedule

The first function of a weekly schedule is to ensure you’re working things on schedule. You’ll know which tasks you need to prioritize and what time you need to finish it. If you accustom yourself to do this, your life will be well-managed. Moreover, you won’t be an indecent person who often forgets its responsibilities.

To Remind You Of The Tasks Easily

When you save your weekly schedule on a book, you’ll forget it some minutes after you close the book. When you save it on your phone, you’ll forget it right after your phone light switched off. But when you print and put it on the place you’re easy to see, you’ll remember your tasks forever.

That’s not a lie, having a printed weekly schedule hanging on your room’s wall will remind you of your responsibilities. When you wake up, you’ll directly see what tasks you need to do that day and do it as soon as you move from bed.

To Ease You When You Want to Change The Schedule

Changing the weekly schedule will be easier if you have a printed board attached on the walls. You just need to put the new sticky notes, write down the activities on them, and attach it back on the schedule board. More than easy, you’ll find amusement when putting down the tasks and responsibilities you’ve finished last week. You’ll be so satisfied knowing how many activities and achievements you did a week before.

To Help You Finish The Tasks In The Right Time

When you’re having many tasks, your top priority is to finish them in the right and at a set time. If you don’t have any schedule, you’ll find it’s difficult to monitor your works and time to finish it. At last, you’ll find your time is insufficient to do all the tasks you have that week.

But that won’t happen if you have a weekly schedule template printable. When you’re filing up your tasks, you can also write the available time to do each of them. So you can determine how many tasks you can finish in a week including the time you need to do it.

To Help You Spare Time For Holiday

Yes, even if you’re the busiest person in the world, you cannot ignore the holiday time. Trust me, having a vacation isn’t a waste of time, but a way to refresh ourselves so we can do the next tasks better. Unhappily, there are still many busy people ignore this, because they think their time is too occupied.

However, they have a problem just because they don’t make a good weekly schedule. If you make and use a weekly schedule, you can even spare time for a holiday after all your tasks are over.

Weekly Schedule Template Printable To Have At Home

That’s all the reasons why you need to have a weekly schedule template printable at home. Now, let’s move on and go to the template download section! Below this, you can choose some outstanding weekly schedule templates. Just choose which one you like the most among them, and click the following download link.







Weekly Schedule Template Free

Weekly Schedule Template 04

Weekly Schedule Template 04



Weekly Schedule Template PDF

Weekly Schedule Template 03

Weekly Schedule Template 03