60+ Best Practices Hourly Schedule Template Excel & Word

An hourly schedule template is a way to keep track of your activities and tasks for an hour. It will help you plan out everything you have to get done.

Sometimes, an organized to-do list every hour is needed to help keep us productive. These hourly schedule templates below are great for those who want something simple or need something more flexible than a monthly schedule.

When you make the schedule, usually daily, weekly, and monthly, there are times when you will feel empty; there is nothing to do because all the work has been completed, or you want to escape from a boring routine.

We have picked several samples for your needs. There are still many kinds of hourly schedule templates. But, in this article, we give you samples based on what common people make. We recommend you choose a word because it is easy when you want to add something. You type the added activity in the line wherever you want.

Keeping your daily activity organized is necessary. Once it gets ruined, you will need clarification about which one is prioritized. Also, if you don’t plan your day well, you probably miss an important meeting, project review, or anything else. So, that is why we share an hourly schedule template word with you. We selected the hourly template because you can see your activity in more detail each hour every day

Hourly Schedule Template

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Hourly Employee Shift Schedule

Some companies apply to shift working hours for their employees. Due to their limited human resources, the operation must run in 24 hours. As the best solution, an hourly employee shift schedule is necessary. This template informs you of everyone who is assigned at a certain hour. You can divide 24 hours into 8, so three groups will be assigned daily.

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Hourly Work Schedule Template

This plan helps you know when to work and rest. It’s for keeping track of work hours and break times during your day.

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Daily Hourly Schedule Template

This template helps you plan your entire day, from morning to night. It’s perfect for keeping your whole day organized and on track.

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Weekly Hourly Schedule Template

It is quite similar to the template on number one. The difference is you set this schedule for a week. Someone who uses this template will get a projection throughout the week. Complete the day with an hour to make it more detailed. If there is a certain important activity, you can highlight it with a special mark. You may use color, icons, capital letters, or anything else.

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Hourly Schedule Template Excel

This is for you if you like using computers! It’s a schedule you create using Excel. It’s handy because you can easily change it as your day changes.

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Child Care Schedule Template

Hourly schedule template words can also be used for your baby or child. This could be a brief for the nanny or any caregivers. Put important things on the template so that it would be noticed. For example, your baby’s feeding time, how often the diaper changes, mealtime, sleeping time, and more. Make it tracked hourly by putting each task in 24 hours. If you use this schedule template properly, you can evaluate your childcare.

Editable Hourly Schedule Template

This one is super flexible. You can change it any time you need to. It’s perfect if your plans often change during the day

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Pay check Working Hour Template

This template is very useful for a company that applied for a shifting schedule. This template can be complementary. The pay rate hourly template talks about how long your employee works and how much they will earn. Sometimes, it is used for tracking overtime work.

As the supervisor or manager, they have to validate the rate and working time. Sometimes, each person has a different rate, so by the end of the month, each employee will get a different paycheck. It depends on their working time and rate per hour for one month.

Event Schedule Hourly Detail Template

If you are the event organizer or wedding planner, you must need this schedule template. By using this template your activity will be organized very well. Detail each session on this template and ensure your people have one.

The template is their brief for communication, so the event will run smoothly. Additional information could be put in if necessary, to be detailed. Don’t forget to make some notes if you need more coordination, resources, special treatment, or anything. Everyone who holds this template should know what to do in each hour.

Blank Hourly Schedule Template

This is an empty plan you can fill in just how you want. It’s great if you like to make your schedule from scratch.

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Hourly Schedule Template Word Samples for Any Purpose

Creating a proper hourly schedule template word sometimes felt hard and tricky. It is normal if you miss one activity once it is done. So, before you spread it to your people or hang on the wall, ensure all activity is already included. Choose the best one from the samples above. Edit and adjust based on your need.


Hourly Schedule Template 01


Hourly Time Management Worksheet

This helps you see how you use your time each hour. It’s for figuring out when you’re busiest and when you have free time.

Hourly Schedule Template 04


Hourly Schedule Template PDF

This type of schedule is in a PDF format. It’s easy to print and share and looks the same on all computers. It’s for keeping a neat schedule you can see anywhere.

Hourly Schedule Template 16

Hourly Schedule Template Free

This one is awesome because it’s free! You can download it and start planning your day without spending any money.

Hourly Schedule Template 20

Hourly Summary Sheet

At the end of the day, this sheet helps you see what you did and when. It’s a quick way to check all the tasks you complete throughout the day.

Hourly Schedule Template 21


Hourly Schedule Template 02

Hourly Tracking Timesheet

This is for keeping track of how many hours you work or study.

Hourly Schedule Template 22

8-Hour Shift Schedule For 7 Days A Week

8-Hour Shift Schedule For 7 Days A Week – This schedule is perfect for planning a week where you work 8 hours daily. It helps you see your work times for every day of the week.

Work Schedule Template Hourly

This template is perfect for planning work shifts; this helps you organize work hours for yourself or your team, ensuring everyone knows when they should be working.

Hourly Schedule Template 23


Hourly Schedule Template 25



Hourly Schedule Template 27


Hourly Schedule Template 28


Hourly Schedule Template 29


Hourly Schedule Template 30


Hourly Schedule Template 31


Hourly Schedule Template 34


Hourly Schedule Template 35


Hourly Schedule Template 42

Making the Most of Your Template

  • Be Consistent: Try to use your template every day.
  • Review Regularly: Look at your template often.
  • Adjust as Needed: Don’t be afraid to change your schedule if something needs to be fixed.

Fun Ideas

  • Decorate: Add stickers or drawings to make it your own.
  • Challenge Yourself: Set goals like ‘finish tasks by noon’ and reward yourself when you do.
  • Share With Friends: Show your schedule to friends. Maybe they’ll want to make one too!

The Benefits Of Making Hourly Schedule

Take Breaks:

Try to make the schedule hourly. You don’t need to enter all your tasks on your schedule. But give the schedule to stay refreshed by watching movies or listening to music. Your events were called me time by people. This way is effective enough to help you feel fresh again.

Balance Work and Play:

Of course, that hourly schedule is not only about your busy life. Life with work hours in a week. You can create your hourly schedule template word by making a holiday time.

Know What’s Next:

Prioritize what you set out to do and put them in your hourly schedule. Having it, you will always know what task to do next. Besides that, you risk avoiding the difficult tasks and postponing what matters most.

Highlight Important Things:

After you make a list of your schedule, highlight the most important things so you can find them at a glance. Coloring code items by type, for example, classes are purple, work is blue, etc.

How to Use Hourly Schedule Template

This hourly schedule template excel is designed to make a list or notes about your work by the hour. You can add the tasks of your work hour by hour on a day. This is more detailed because it gives you a to-do list for a day, not just the target for a week, month, or year. So this is a schedule suitable to reach your goals.

You must write down one by one what you have to do to reach your goals at the end of the day. It is nothing when you have goals without real action.

So, you can use this template to make your goals clearer and easier to achieve. Because if we do not have a plan for our goals, it is just to be the only dream. And plans without real action will be just a plan.

Final Thought: Hourly schedule templates are about more than just doing tasks. They are about making your day brighter and your work lighter.

The benefits of this template for your work are that you will be more focused, you can distinguish between time to work and not, and reduce your stress at work.

The well-thought-out layout of the hourly schedule template makes it easy to scan all the important things you set out to achieve and need to remember during a day and see your entire day.

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