50+ Powerful Schedule Template Excel

Excel makes everything related to column and row become easier. Nowadays, you can even have a schedule template excel. It’s easier to make it if you know what you should include in it. No wonder if you need to know most features that come up in this template.

Excel is one of the most powerful Office program for out there. The reason is this spreadsheet program has a vast amount of users from around the globe. Thus, you could find shared information regarding of the program with the other users through the internet. Including in making schedule template excel which is one of the top reasons why people using this program.

Schedule Template Excel

Schedule Template Excel

Ways to Make Schedule Template Excel

Making schedule template excel is an easy. Either you would use the manual steps or the advanced steps. Either ones that you would pick, the program would help you in making the schedule. Thus, here bellow are three ways you could do in making schedule through Excel:

1. Make the Schedule Manually

The first way in making schedule template through Excel is by doing it manually. To do it, you only need to open a new Excel document and start filling the time and day in columns and rows. For example, you would like to make a class schedule. Then, the traditional way in doing it is by filling the most left column with hourly time. Meanwhile, you could mark the topmost rows at the right side of the first column with the days. Lastly, you only need to through on each hour on the days with the subject or activity you have to do.

Aside from the class schedule, this manual was in scheduling also appropriate to make the other kind of schedule. But since it’s a manual was, you have to do all the work, from filling in the days, dates, times, subjects, activities, or events until putting color code. Although it seems tiring, this manual way is effective for most people. Not to mention, the Excel is a spreadsheet program which formatted in rows and columns.

2. Using Excel Schedule Template

If you’re more of an Excel savvy, then you would know about this feature in Excel. It’s quite easy compared the tiring job in making the schedule manually with a clean sheet. To use the template, you have to navigate into the File then click New. From there, you should choose Schedule menu and pick on which kind of template you would like to have.

You could pick any of the schedule templates that offered that matching with what you need. If there’s none, then you only need to download the template through the Office official web by following the direction. The plus side of using the schedule template is that you would get plenty of choices in what kind of schedule layout for the result that you would get.

3. Utilizing Excel Calendar Template

Aside from using the Schedule menu, you could also pick Calendar in making the schedule. But if you choose to use Calendar Template in Excel, your schedule would follow the calendar format. At the same time it wouldn’t be a problem, since most people making the schedule by following the calendar. Thus, you making the schedule template by using the calendar template is another shortcut in making a schedule.

Another plus point in using the calendar template is that you don’t need to put in the days and dates into the schedule. Instead, you only need to match your schedule in the dates. For short, it would like you’re putting some notes in the calendar in your kitchen. But the different is this calendar was in your Excel program.

Schedule Template Excel for Free

Even though making schedule template is no sweat by using the Excel program, but some people might find it bothersome. For that reason, you could just get the schedule template excel attached here. That way, you don’t need to make the template from scratch and only need to input your schedule. Thus, you could save more time by finishing the schedule making faster but still get a good result.

Daily Schedule Template Excel



Project Schedule Template Excel



Construction Schedule Template Excel



Training Schedule Template Excel



Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template Excel



12 Hour Shift Schedule Template Excel



Monthly Work Schedule Template Excel



Weekly Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel



Daily Medication Schedule Template Excel



Top five features Schedule Template Excel

Those basic features will help you adapt to your need. Here are top five features that schedule calendar template in Microsoft Excel may have.

1. Twelve Months

Months is very crucial for a calendar template. As you know, calendar can’t be separated with month, week and day. Therefore, you have to include twelve months in your calendar.

This calendar template must consist of twelve months which can be made in a page or more. It depends on where you want to divide. It’s alright if you only want to make four months on a page. As a consequence, you are going to have three pages.

2. Display Of Weekdays

There are certain rules to display days in this schedule calendar template excel. However, you can make it as you like. On the other hand, using proper weekdays will give you more benefits. No wonder if you have two choices to display the weekdays.

First, you can make it from Sunday to Saturday. It’s very common to find those weekdays in a calendar. But, it’s also possible if you want to start it from Monday to Sunday. You have to keep in mind that the display itself could be landscape or portrait orientation.

This template design depends on what you need and what you like. Therefore, you can choose any design and display as you wish. As long as it makes you easier, then just use it.

3. Notes Space

The next feature that you cannot miss is noted space. You must include this notes space in your template. It’s because you just need to write more important events on your calendar. As a consequence, your calendar template must provide notes space.

This space is just like a facility for you. Now you have a free space to write anything on a certain date. This kind of template will give you much more benefits. Plus, notes space is what actually you need in your schedule calendar template.

4. To Do Lists

This feature is another thing that must be there in schedule calendar template excel. You use this template because you have a certain thing to do on a certain date. As a consequence, you also need to make to-do lists in this template.

These lists will sort out things that you have to do. Plus, you will know what thing that’s your priority. As a consequence, you won’t miss an important event in your life. Look how much this to do list will help you so much.

5. Task Trackers

Task trackers are for you who sometimes have difficulty in remembering. Using this task trackers, you can be directed to a certain task you want to see. Plus, you will also know the improvement that you make. This task tracker will tell you whether you’ve already done it or not.

Here, you can see it on a certain date or day, you do a great job or not. It’s very important because you accidentally give an evaluation to yourself. Moreover, you feel like you’re in a mood to do a certain task.

Then, this feature will very helpful. It will track the task that you want to do first. That’s why you should put this task trackers in your calendar template.

Those all of the five features that must be there in your schedule calendar template. Think about how this template will help you so much. Your life will also be more organized using this kind of template.