10+ Best Machine Maintenance Schedule Template (PDF WORD EXCEL)

Machine maintenance is one of the main jobs every companies and institution should list. If they don’t do it, all the machines they have will be damaged sooner or later. To ensure the maintenance goes well, you need to make a machine maintenance schedule. But how to do it? You don’t need to search elsewhere, we have good examples of machine maintenance schedule templates below.

What’s The Point Of Using Machine Maintenance Schedule?

A machine maintenance schedule is a set of maintenance activities, time, and the condition of a machine after each activity. The aim of using this is to make a better understanding of the machines’ condition. Including knowing whether they need a replacement or not.

Every companies, institution, or public spots have a maintenance schedule. It’s because everything that happens to their machines needs to be reported. So when there’s fatal damage, the maintenance team can fix it quickly.

What are The Things To Include On A Machine Maintenance Schedule?

So what an ideal machine maintenance should contain? If you read our machine maintenance schedule templates below, you’ll know the answer right now. However, you don’t need to do it because we’ll explain the things right now. Here they are.

  • The Available Machines

The first and foremost component of machine maintenance schedule is the available machines. Usually, the machines enlisted if they’re together at one place or area. If you want to make a good maintenance schedule, you must first check the entire equipment on an area. Write them down and make sure you don’t miss any of them.

  • Machine’s Checklists

The checklist is important for machine maintenance. It’ll ease the workers who need to do the checking, also make a simpler yet clearer report of machines an institution has. Usually, people who make maintenance schedule template put the checklist right after the machine’s name.

  • Condition Columns

The checker persons must fulfill all the condition columns available. They must do the checking as careful as they could, ensure how the equipment’s condition. And then, write it as honestly on the condition columns. If there’s a problem with equipment, the checker persons must report it as fast as possible. Or just repair it if they could do it themselves.

  • Action Columns

In case the checker persons could do the repairing by themselves, they need to fulfill the action columns also. Usually, the action column is located right beside the condition column. So when there’s a problem, the checker persons must quickly decide what’s the best solution for it. And after the repairing, they need to explain what they do on the maintenance schedule.

  • The Checker Person’s Name (and The Signature)

The checker person is accountable for the entire condition of the machine. If there’s a problem after the machine is checked, the institution needs to contact its checker person. Also, they can ask how it happens and if they can fix it.

  • Checking Dates

Last but still important, you must include the checking dates on the maintenance schedule. The checking dates will give you clearer info about the last time you’ve repaired your machine. For example, your machines have a problem at the exact date and the time to repair it is 3 days. Then you can consider the time you need to install it again at its first place.

Best Examples of Machine Maintenance Schedule Template

Want to have some examples of machine maintenance schedule templates? Don’t worry, because we have 10 amounts of it! You just need to click the maintenance schedule pdf button below and wait for a second.

Machine Maintenance Schedule Excel

machine maintenance schedule 01

machine maintenance schedule 01

Machine Maintenance Schedule Template Word

Machine Maintenance Schedule Template 03

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Machine Maintenance Schedule Sheet

machine maintenance schedule 09

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machine maintenance schedule 05

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machine maintenance schedule 02

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machine maintenance schedule 04

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Vehicle Maintenance Log

machine maintenance schedule 06

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Machine Shop Inspection Schedule

machine maintenance schedule 07

Machine Maintenance Checklist Schedule

Machine Maintenance Checklist Schedule

That’s all about machine maintenance schedule template and its full information. Don’t forget to prepare it if you have a set of machines yourself. The tips we gave also can you use for the companies needs.