15+ Colorful Schedule Book Template

Schedule book template is something important for the students, yet many of them still underestimate it. Many reasons appear, some say making a schedule book is wasting time, while some don’t know how to make it. So why not using a schedule book template otherwise? You can download it anywhere on the internet, including this awesome page. Still not interested? Doubting how powerful a schedule book can be? Read this article first, then.

Why Do You Need A Schedule Book?



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Students have a hectic study life, can I say it? There are many lessons to follow, many homework to do, that’s not counting your routine activities other than studying. Regarding this, we can already see how you need a schedule book. However, there are other reasons why a schedule book is necessary for students:

Helping To Manage Time

Have a problem to do the time management all by yourself? You’re not alone since there are very many students have the same problem. Anyway, using a schedule book can give a big help, moreover if you make it as complete and detailed. As an example, you have 6 lessons, 10 homework, and 3 presentations to do on an exhausting week. You can write the schedule and time to prepare it on the schedule book. Trust me, your week won’t be as occupied as it seems.

Homework and Tasks’ Reminder

Having too much assignment until you forget most of them? A book schedule template PowerPoint can be the solution since it has many schedule tables on it. All you need is just writing down the tasks on the existing tables. Then, add the time to do the tasks right beside them. Once you forget a task, you can directly open the schedule book.

Show The Simplest Version of Your Complex Schedule

Still using write-and-score-out method to manage your schedule? It’s an old-fashioned way that will only waste more papers. Nevertheless, print some schedule book templates and band it into one is the better way. Besides it has more various models, it can also make your messed up schedule looks simpler.

Be Your Second Diary

Yes, a schedule book is the most well-arranged diary you’ll ever have. You can write anything on it, from the trivial things like anniversary until the most important events you have. After using and filling the tables on your schedule book for a long time, you’ll glad to see how many things you did and achieved.

Looks Good To Be Brought

This is a special benefit if you use a schedule book template. The Internet provides many templates with versatile models; you just need to choose which one suits your style. You can put it on a particular ring note and decorate as you wish. More than just become a time reminder, your schedule book can make you look more creative.

Step By Step How To Use Schedule Book Templates

Don’t get used to using a schedule book template? These are some steps you need to do to make a proper one. Don’t worry, they’re just as easy as saying ABC.

  • See the schedule book templates on below. After this we’re going to show you many ultimate templates, just read this article until the last words.
  • Choose which one you like the most and download it. There are many templates available and all is ready for download! Choose the most appropriate schedule book template pdf for you.
  • Print it on a desirable size. You can use whether A4 or B5 size before printing the template. If you intend to make a sample schedule book with a notebook size, B5 is the best size to apply.
  • Bind it into one with a ring binder. To make it look tidier, you need to put all the template printouts on a ring binder. And your great schedule book is ready for use!

Schedule Book Template

Last, of all, these are the schedule book templates we promised you. Just download all the schedule book template you like below and see how it can change your life!

Schedule Book Template 01

Schedule Book Template 01


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Schedule Book Template 02

Schedule Book Template 02


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Schedule Book Template 03

Schedule Book Template 03


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Schedule Book Template 04

Schedule Book Template 04


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Schedule Book Template 05

Template Schedule Book 05


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Appointment Book Template Free

Schedule Book Template 06

Template Schedule Book 06


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Schedule Book Template 07

Template Schedule Book 07


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Schedule Book Template 08

Template Schedule Book 08


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Schedule Book Template 09

Template Schedule Book 09


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Appointment Book Template Excel

Schedule Book Template 10

Template Schedule Book 10


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