44+ Free Workout Schedule Template Excel, Word & Tips to find it

Finding the best workout schedule can mean so many different things because there are so many variables that can play into the decision. But some practices are universal, beneficial across the board. How fit you are, how old, physical chemistry (metabolism) and desired results all play a role in finding the right exercise routine.

Back in the day, people don’t need for workout since manual labor could produce enough sweat from the body. But we’re living in the modern world where most manual labor replaced by machines. That’s why the gyms become the popular place to come before and after work hours. Many gyms keep workout schedule template word to help with their member.

Four Tips for Finding The Best Workout Schedule

Below are tips for finding the best workout schedule:

Decide what you can handle physically.

It could be better to consult a doctor if you have concerns about starting any exercise routine. If you haven’t taken part in some physical activity in a while, it’s best to find out what you can do safely before starting any schedule.

The best weekly workout schedule starts with you being honest with yourself to determine your abilities and set realistic goals for your current condition. There is no useful fitness routine if you are self-harming, so always check with a doctor.

What do you want to get out of this training schedule?

This determines not only the schedule but also the intensity of the exercise.

Someone who wants to get back in shape and hasn’t exercised in a while should look at low-intensity exercise, to begin with.

Conversely, someone who is young and in excellent physical condition may be looking to bulk up and add mass to their physique. Their best weekly workout schedule will differ drastically from individuals who just want to get back to basic shape or shed a few pounds.

Diversify your workouts

Another factor to consider when compiling your best weekly workout schedule is diversifying your workouts. The best exercise will hit all your muscles, both body and mind, for best results.

Doing resistance exercises praised with aerobic exercises followed by low impact can effectively diversify your workouts. Consider weightlifting, yoga, and dancing as examples of all involved in your workout routine.

Diets can make or break your exercise routine.

Last, but perhaps the most important aspect when compiling your best weekly exercise schedule, is diet.

If you don’t eat enough of the right nutrients for the exercise routine you’ve planned, you can go back to doing more harm than good. Your body is like an engine and without the right fuel, it doesn’t run.

Consider these four elements when developing the best weekly workout schedule for you and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

One of the hardest things about staying exercising is finding the time to do it. Many people end up claiming that they are too busy or have too much stuff on their plates. You can always make time for anything, especially if you’re really committed to it.

Steps For Creating a Workout Schedule Template

Here are some steps for creating a workout schedule template that’s right for you.

Plan Exercises

Considering your weekly workout schedule template and activities is the best way to plan your workout schedule. This should give you an idea of how to manage your time, and most importantly, not to allow yourself an excuse for losing your workout.

  • Post your workout goals somewhere you can see every day. This will motivate you to stick to the plan.
  • Sit down and review your weekly schedule. Determine how many times of the week you can devote yourself to exercising and how many hours a day you can commit to exercising.
  • Devote at least 30 minutes in your workout schedule to the exercise itself. Make another 30 minutes of pocket money to get dressed and recover from exercise.
  • Be specific on what kind of exercises you will do on any given day. Having a different exercise routine per day will prevent you from getting bored.
  • Keep in mind that a combination of cardio workouts and strength training is the best way to lose weight and build muscle.
  • Watch workout videos that can give you cardio and strength training in 30 minutes. You can mix this exercise with other standard exercises.
  • Follow your schedule for at least a month, and you’ll feel the difference! After the month ends, sit down and plan the schedule again for the next month.

Keeping Motivated

  • Write down your achievements for the day after exercising. Having a list of achievements can be very satisfying and will keep you motivated in the days to come.
  • If you miss one day, make sure you make time in the following days for a “makeup session.”
  • Having a partner exercising is another way to stay motivated. Contact each other and compare notes about your efforts so far. Having a soundboard is a great comfort and will remind you that you are not alone in your efforts.
  • Have a monthly examination of how much your body has changed in a month. If you haven’t lost a ton of weight, that’s okay. Your strength and endurance will increase, not to mention the health benefits you gain.

The Benefits of Regular Workout Schedule

There are reasons why many people love to go for workout regularly. Some even make a free workout schedule template excel to make sure that they wouldn’t miss even just for one day. The reason is that they know the benefits they would get from the regular workout. The good body build is a bonus, and it doesn’t hurt, but mostly they workout to get healthier. Here are the benefits that you could get from going on workout regularly:

1. Keep Weight in Control

Having a nice figure is what most people want to, but only half of them who would willing to work to a certain extend to obtain it. For the ones who hit the gym regularly, it wasn’t a hard thing to reach. The reason is that workout helps you to reduce body fat. In today’ generation, these body fats come from the unhealthy habit – from less moving until the unhealthy consumption of food. Thus, by workout regularly, you could get rid of these fats from your body.

2. Stay Healthy

By getting rid of the unhealthy fat from the body, you have the first step to be healthy. We all know, on what unhealthy fat could do to our body. Also, by doing the regular workout, you could increase your breathing and cardio. That way, your internal organ such as the heart and lungs could function properly under the heavy burden. If you’re only starting, then don’t tire yourself by doing the heavy routine. Because you should start from light exercise, then gradually increase the intensity.

3. Improve Mood

Having good circulation in the inside from the regular exercise would also normalize your hormones system. That way, it could improve your mood. This point is especially for the woman who would experience monthly mood swing around their period. But with the regular workout could help to improve the mood. Not to mention, the adrenaline rush would get channelled through the routine workout.

4. Fight Insomnia

For the ones who suffer from insomnia, you should try workout regularly. The reason is that, by doing the workout, you would tire your body and also release some stress. That way, it could help you in getting better sleep at night. Because when the body feels tired, then the system needs a recharge by sleeping. Thus, your brain wouldn’t deprive your body to get what it needs.

5. Improve the Muscle Strength

Another given thing from the regular workout is having improvement of muscle strength. Just like on how your heart and lungs adapted to the exercise that gradually increased, your muscle also do the same thing. At first, you would feel as if your body got a heavy beaten. But after a while, your muscle would start to adapt to the physical activity you’re doing by the workout exercise. Thus, at a certain point, you wouldn’t feel tired even after you run on the treadmill for an hour.

Workout Schedule Template

The last thing you would get from regularly hitting the gym is to be a social person. Basically, the human being is a social creature by nature. Thus, caging yourself by your gadget is not an ideal choice. For that reason, you should start to make your workout schedule template Excel. If you don’t know how to do it, then just get it from here.

Workout Schedule Template Excel

Workout Schedule Template 01

Workout Schedule Template 01


Workout Schedule Template 100

Workout Schedule Template 100

Weekly Workout Schedule Template

Workout Schedule Template 16

Workout Schedule Template 16


Workout Schedule Template 38

Schedule Workout Template 38

Gym Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule Template 02

Workout Schedule Template 02

Workout Schedule For Weight Loss

Workout Schedule Template 03

Workout Schedule Template 03


Personal Workout Plan

Workout Schedule Template 04

Workout Schedule Template 04


Workout Schedule For Week

Workout Schedule Template 05

Workout Schedule Template 05

Workout Log Template

Workout Schedule Template 13

Workout Schedule Template 13


Workout Schedule Template 43

Schedule Workout Template 43


Workout Schedule Template 18

Schedule Workout Template 18


Workout Schedule Template 20

Workout Schedule Template 20


Workout Schedule Template 39

Schedule Workout Template 39


Workout Schedule Template 42

Schedule Workout Template 42


Workout Schedule Template 35

Schedule Workout Template 35


Workout Schedule Template 36

Schedule Workout Template 36

Weekly Treadmill Workout Log

Workout Schedule Template 06

Schedule Workout Template 06


Workout Schedule Template 31

Schedule Workout Template 31


Workout Schedule Template 34

Schedule Workout Template 34

Monthly Workout Schedule Template

Workout Schedule Template 09

Schedule Workout Template 09


Workout Schedule Template 17

Workout Schedule Template 17

Daily Workout Schedule Template

Workout Schedule Template 15

Daily Workout Schedule Template 15

Workout Schedule At Home

Workout Schedule Template 19

Workout Schedule At Home 19

Upper Body Workout Routine

Workout Schedule Template 21

Workout Schedule Template 21


Workout Schedule Template 22

Schedule Workout Template 22


Workout Schedule Template 26

Schedule Workout Template 26


Workout Schedule Template 29

Schedule Workout Template 29


Workout Schedule Template 37

Workout Schedule Template 37


Workout Schedule Template 40

Workout Schedule Template 40

Workout Calendar Template

Workout Schedule Template 07

Workout Schedule Template 07


Workout Schedule Template 08

Workout Schedule Template 08


Weekly Workout Planner

Workout Schedule Template 10

Workout Schedule Template 10


Workout Schedule Template 11

Workout Schedule Template 11


Workout Schedule Template 14

Workout Schedule Template 14


Workout Schedule Template 23

Schedule Workout Template 23


Workout Schedule Template 24

Schedule Workout Template 24


Workout Schedule Template 25

Schedule Workout Template 25


Workout Schedule Template 27

Schedule Workout Template 27


Workout Schedule Template 28

Schedule Workout Template 28


Workout Schedule Template 30

Schedule Workout Template 30


Workout Schedule Template 32

Schedule Workout Template 32


Weight Blood Sugar Level

Workout Schedule Template 33

Schedule Workout Template 33

Workout Schedule Template 41

Schedule Workout Template 41


Workout Schedule Template 44

Schedule Workout Template 44



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