15+ Best Annual Training Plan Template [Excel, Word & PDF]

Do you ever feel listless while you’ve done exercising? It’s not because of your sports choice, moreover showing you have a disease. Nope, instead of worrying kind of things, you should probably check your annual training plan. Don’t know what’s the meaning of the annual training plan? Need someone to tell you? Here we there to give you the explanation, including annual training plan template excel.

What Is Exactly An Annual Training Plan?

An annual training plan template is a tool that could help you to manage your exercise schedule. It includes the sports you choose to do and the annual target of each sport. For example, you want to do the jogging for 60 minutes every day. You must include this on your training plan, making sure you won’t pass it.

Hence, a good annual training plan should contain a complete list of sports you take. Then the target you set and what times you want to do it. However, ensure you don’t stress out yourself of the plan you make. Consider how far your body could cope up the training, and use it as your limitation when doing the exercise.

Still don’t understand? You’d be glad to see the annual training plan template we provide you. But it’s better if you read the next explanation first.


How To Use Annual Training Plan Properly

An annual training plan is the most suitable tool if you want to keep your training on track. By using the simple tool, you can see how many exercise targets you’ve reached. If you’re on a diet program, it’ll help you to track when will your body weight decrease. It’s the same when you’re on the way building your muscles, or prepare yourself to join a competition.

So how to use annual training plan as best? These are the tips.

Find Out Your Limit

The first and primary thing you must do before making a training plan template excel is knowing your limit. Don’t force yourself to do sports your body can’t handle. If you keep compelling yourself, the worst things will come up. Rather than being healthier, you’ll be sick after getting exhausted.

Choose The Most Appropriate Sport

Besides finding out your limit, you need to choose the most appropriate sports to do. If you’re not accustomed to doing football, for example. You’d better choose less-tiring sport such as cycling.

Consider The Targets

If you’re doing the training on an aim, you must be having the targets settled. Find out the ideal annual target for the sport you choose and compare it with your limit. Make sure you decide the best target without ignoring your healthy.

Create A Training Plan As Detailed As It Could

Yes, this is the most important step of the rest in this article. After you decide the kind of sports including the targets and schedule, you’re ready to make your first training plan. You can make a perfect training plan just with using a simple tool like Microsoft Excel. Otherwise, you can just directly use the annual training plan template excel we’ll give you after this.

However, don’t forget to make a training plan as detailed as you could. Besides it helps you to read the schedule better, it could be your guidance during the training.

Attach It on Somewhere Easy to be Seen

After you make the training plan of yourself, print it out and put it on somewhere often be seen. It’s recommended to just attach it on your bedroom’s wall so you can read it every day after waking up.

Annual Training Plan Template Excel

These are the annual training plan template excel we’ve promised before. You can just print it out right now because they’re annual training plan template printable. If you want to do it later, just click the link and download the annual training plan pdf, word and otherwise.

Annual Training Plan Template



That’s all about the annual training plan including the examples. Plan your training now and get the best target you’ve been dreaming.