DoorDash Schedule: 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Earnings, Save Time & Make More Money

Are you frustrated with how much time you’re spending driving for DoorDash? Do you want to use your time more productively and efficiently? Then you need to read this blog post! This article will explain how DoorDash Schedule works and its benefits. We’ll also show you how to use it to maximize your productivity while driving for DoorDash. So let’s get started!

How DoorDash Schedule Works 

DoorDash offers different schedule options that drivers can choose from. The different schedule types offer different benefits for drivers, and users can customize their schedules to fit their needs. 

The three main types of DoorDash schedules are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Drivers who work with DoorDash regularly may prefer the Monthly schedule because it gives them more opportunities to make money. On the other hand, those who only need occasional deliveries may be better suited using the Weekly or Daily schedules. A daily or weekly driver must wait 48 hours between each delivery to ensure they have enough time for rest and recovery before starting again. This contrasts sharply with the 10-hour window available to drivers working on a Monthly schedule.

Schedule Types 

Daily: Every day between 7 am–11 pm, except Saturday when it runs from 8 am–9 pm 

Weekly: Every 7 days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays 

Monthly: January-December

How to Use DoorDash Schedule 

DoorDash Schedule

DoorDash Schedule

DoorDash is a food delivery service that has revolutionized how people order food. It allows you to order food from restaurants and chefs across cities, groceries, and flowers. 

DoorDash’s schedule is an essential tool for using DoorDash. The schedule lets you plan your deliveries to make the most of your time while working on commission. You can use DoorDash’s schedule to boost your earnings, save time on your commute, and make more money while sleeping.

The following are ways that you can use Door Dash’s Schedule: 

  1. To Boost Your Earnings: By using Door Dash’s Schedule correctly, you can maximize your profits by ensuring that you deliver during peak times or when customer demand is high. This will allow you to earn higher commissions and faster payouts from Door Dash. 
  2. To Save Time on Your Commute: Scheduling deliveries near busy areas or during off-peak hours could help reduce congestion on city roads and save time commuting daily. Additionally, many people often don’t have enough time in their day to do everything they want, so by focusing my work on one task at a time, it becomes easier and manageable. Scheduling grocery pickups before bedtime may also give users peace of mind knowing they won’t run out of ingredients overnight 
  3. To Make More Money While You Sleep: Many people get up early for work but then spend the rest of their day in a haze of mundane tasks. You can make more money while you sleep by taking the extra time during non-peak hours to do something fun, like watching movies or reading.

What are the benefits of using DoorDash Schedule? 

DoorDash schedule is a helpful tool to help you better manage your time. The schedule is customizable, so you can make it fit your needs perfectly. Additionally, you can cancel or reschedule orders without any penalties. Finally, you can easily see how much time you have left for each order. Read Also: 30+ Free Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel


After reading this blog, you should know the basics of DoorDash Schedule and how to use it to your advantage. You’ll be able to plan your meals and deliveries more effectively, freeing up more time for other activities. And if you’re looking for additional benefits, we suggest looking at our article on the different ways DoorDash Schedule can help your business. Thanks for reading!