30+ Free Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel

Making an employee shift schedule template is important for a company, especially if it works for 24 hours per day. Besides it could help to manage the workers’ schedule, it also could ensure they work as good as necessary. To inform you about what employee shift schedule is, here we give you some employee shift schedule template excel. But beforehand, take time to read why you should know that an employee shift schedule is important.

Every business has its own policy for its employees. Sometimes shifting working hours is applied. Usually, it happens in the operational unit or production. Because those two units would never end and keep working whatever the time is. So, help your employee to organize the time by making employee shift schedule template excel.

The importance of employee shift schedule template excel is not only for employee’s reminder. More than that, it organizes the work for the entire period, such as weekly, monthly, or per quarter. The shift schedule also shows you how many people resource, the workload, and time portion if there is an additional task. So, make your own to create an employee shift schedule template excel for an effective work environment.


The Importance of Using An Employee Shift Schedule


Now we know that every nonstop working company needs an employee shift schedule. The main reason is to decide which employees will be put on work at a certain time. But we never know what else that makes the schedule just as important. According to the experiences, there are things that make an employee shift schedule even crucial.


Maintain The Company’s Productivity

Using an employee shift schedule template excel is a way to keep the company being productive. When there’s a company works days and nights but don’t have the schedule, its productivity will be at risk. The workers will underestimate the time they have to come because they don’t understand that the place/machine needs a continuous guide.

Obey The Labor Regulation

The general law of standard working hours is 42 hours per week, or we can say it 8 hours per day. However, in order to keep the production ongoing, some workers need to stay right until the next shifts come. If a company doesn’t have a strict employee shift schedule, some workers will have an extra job while the others have it less. This will be an injustice act and gives a regulation violation accusation.

Prevent The Machines From Damage

Some companies, for example, the textile companies, have some machines that could not stop working. If they stop, they’ll be damaged eventually. That’s why these uninterrupted machines need 24 hours usage from at least 3 workers. And the company must manage the time working for the three of them properly with an employee shift schedule template excel.

Increase The Workers’ Punctuality

Come in punctual is crucial for employees who work at a round-the-clock post. They don’t just have to be punctual actually. Moreover, a company asks its workers to come at least 10 minutes before the shift is over. How to manage this if a company doesn’t have an employee shift schedule template excel?

Monitoring Important Things for 24 Hours

The employee shift schedule template excel isn’t just necessary for the production post, but also for the security job and likewise. An on-call rotation becomes even more necessary if there are many posts need the security guards.


Things To Be Put On The Employee Shift Schedule

Curious to make the employee shift schedule all by yourself? We’re giving you better advice; why not using an employee shift schedule template excel otherwise? Besides, it’ll be easier, it’s also a time savvy. Whether you make it yourself or using the templates, you must know the components of an employee shift schedule. Here are things you have to put on it:


  • The name of each worker you have in the company. The first thing an operational manager must insert on the rotation schedule is the workers’ name. If the names are too long, the makers can abbreviate it into some codes.
  • The tables and highlights. Using tables and highlights will ease the users to read the schedule. So make sure not to leave them when making or renewing an employee shift schedule template.
  • The working and payment days. This is especially important when a company employs some freelancers. Since they don’t work routinely, the salary calculation must be per day. And the payment days must be determined on the exact date.


Various Types of Employee Shift Schedule Excel


Weekly Employee Shift Schedule Excel


Just like the other template, employee shift schedule template is adjustable because must be understood by many people. Knowing everybody has a different level of understanding, so the simpler the template is, the better. But, it doesn’t mean the template doesn’t show you complete information. See the samples below to clear your mind:


Monthly Employee Shift Schedule Excel


This monthly shift schedule allows you to plan for one month ahead. You and your team can see the full weeks, including weekends. So, your team could divide the off-day proportionally. These samples below are customized to change the date and working time. You need to adjust with working time interval and the people who will fill that section.


Work Rotation Schedule


Making this template is harder for some people. Because you must ensure each employee gets a proportional total working hour and day-off. Talking about day-off, pay attention too to certain holidays. Everybody must be craving to spend time at home while on holiday or weekend. So, employee shift schedule template excel based on work rotation is about keeping balance. Usually, this template is for the monthly period.


Group-Based Shift Schedule


The next type of employee shift schedule template excel is a group-based shift. It helps you to monitor the progress in each team. Once you are assigned to manage many people, this template is very useful. You can ensure you never miss any issues because the sections visualize the task and its details, working hours, progress, until the team in charge.


Day-Night Shift Schedule


There are many types of employee shifting working hour. One of them is day-night shifting. The template is quite similar like work rotation, but this type divides 24-hour each day to be scheduled late at night and early in the morning. Making this shift schedule requires you to be balanced too. Each employee has to get an equal day-off, length of a working hour, and holiday or weekend right.


Working Hour Schedule


The working hour schedule template shows you a total working hour of your team. This is very helpful to calculate the paid hour and labor cost. The template gives you actual data of the real activity. Starts it by adjusting the day, it doesn’t have to be Monday as the first day. There is no formal rule to create this template. As long as this employee shift schedule template excel covers your needs, just go with your own creation.


Employee Shift Scheduling Software


Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel


Employee shift schedule template excel is not limited for business purpose. It could be used for any shifting system too, for example, the utility of source so it would not be over-used, or personal needs. Because the samples are very easy and customized, you can manage your daily activity with those templates too. Make it easy to be understood. You can highlight certain information by pointing it out or marking with a special color. Record your employee’s work through this template, then do a little evaluation. Whether is your system effective already or needs to be changed?




That’s all you need to know about the employee shift schedule. And now we’re going to give you some employee shift schedule template excel templates you could use anytime. There is more than 30 number of employee shift schedule template excel through the links below.