30 Free Construction Schedule Templates – Excel, Word & PDF

Making a free construction schedule template is the best way to monitor your project’s progress. When you’re developing a building, you need to manage the construction time so it can be done as efficiently.

Everyone knows it is essential to keep the construction time efficient because more time spent will incur more costs. How do you make a proper construction schedule to improve your project management? This is the answer, including construction schedule template Excel and Word examples for you.

Microsoft Excel is the easiest way to make a construction project schedule. Rather than using many complex tools on the internet, you need to go into Microsoft Office. It’s very easy, but first, you should know the tips and tricks. To help you understand it better, we’ve included the construction project schedule template Excel in the last section of this article.

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What Is a Construction Schedule Template?

The construction schedule is a set of activities and the time to finish construction. Using a construction schedule template is the basis of a project management schedule. Hence, every project manager should be able to make a precise construction procurement schedule.

Arranging a construction schedule template needs both high analytic skills and experience. You have to know what kind of activities you have to finish. Also, you have to calculate how many workers you need and decide the date your project will be done.



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The Function of Construction Schedule in Project Management

For development projects, a construction schedule template means everything. It’s not just about the time but also the cost. These are the functions of a construction schedule in project management.

Knowing The Time Range

Most buildings have a time range to be developed, especially if they’re buildings for business or government use. Being fast isn’t enough when you’re developing this kind of building. You have to make sure the building meets your customers’ standards.

By making a construction schedule template, you can consider the time range for the development carefully.

Predicting The Cost and Materials

Construction schedules can help you predict the cost you need to spend on development. The longer time a development takes, the more it’ll cost. For example, when you lengthen your construction schedule template word, you must spend more money to pay workers. Meanwhile, most construction developments have a limited budget. Regarding this, you need to make a schedule that will suit the available budget.

Giving Clearer Pictures About the Project

The schedule contains information about the rest of the activities on a development project. Hence, it also gives a big picture of the construction. The building is simple if the activities on a construction schedule look only a few. Which means it’s probably just a small project.

Make Sure Workers Finish The Project In Time

Every project manager needs to control and monitor how their workers do their jobs. If you make a construction schedule template pdf and give it to all your workers, they’ll know when to finish their job. So, the chance of a project being overdue will also be tiny.

Tips To Make A Proper Construction Schedule Template

Before reading the commercial construction schedule template excel below, it’s good to know tips to make it first. Here are the tips you can use to make a proper construction schedule.

Sharpen Your Analytic Skill

If you want to make a good construction schedule template, you can’t just learn it in one night. You need to keep sharpening your analytical skills. The more you’re included in construction projects, the more you’ll know how much time’s needed to finish them.

Break Down The Construction Activities As Detailed

There are so many activities and jobs on a construction project, and you can’t miss even only one of them. That’s why you need to break down the activities completely. Make a detailed list of what jobs need to be finished on time.

Use Simple Tools Like Excel

You can make a construction schedule with any style, for example, the S curve. However, don’t pick a difficult tool to build it. Most companies now only use Microsoft Excel to build their construction schedule.

Discuss It With Your Working Partner

Doubting your capability to make a well-calculated construction schedule? Don’t worry; below this, you’ll find some construction schedule template Excel pdf you can download. If it’s not enough, you can discuss it with your working partner in the project.

Construction Project Schedule Template


The Benefits of Using The Construction Project Schedule Template Excel

What are the advantages of using the construction project schedule? It’s really important; you need a schedule if you’re making something. Whether it’s a car, a town miniature, or even a building, this fully explains why you need a construction project schedule. Why must you download the construction project schedule template Excel provided below?

Measuring How Big Your Project Is

You can find out the size of your project by seeing its construction project schedule. A proper construction schedule must include things like the activities needed by the project. If your project has so many activities, you’ll need more materials and workers. The bigger the amount of materials and workers, the bigger your project.

Predicting How Much The Cost You Need To Pay

You can see how much your project costs after knowing about the materials and the workers’ amount. The number of materials could influence the number of activities that need to be finished. The more activities on a project, the more workers you need to hire. By seeing this, you can predict how much money you must pay.

Knowing When The Projects Will Over

A proper construction project schedule will surely contain the project’s deadlines. It’s recommended that you determine the deadline for each activity on your project. Afterwards, sum up all the times each activity is needed, and finally, you can get how long your project will take. How many days until the project is over, and so on

Giving Your Workers A Picture About What They Must Do

Your workers might only know what to do once you give them a command. However, by making a construction schedule sample Ms Project and printing it out, you’ll make them understand their jobs more clearly. So you don’t need to talk too much about their job descriptions.

Ensuring The Projects Finish In Time

Since the schedule includes the final deadline of your project, it’ll help you to ensure the project finishes punctually. With precise and keen analysis, you can measure the exact date your project must be done.

How To Arrange A Good Construction Project Schedule Template Excel

There are steps you could do to make a good construction schedule. This will give you tips on making a schedule using the template. Here it is.

  • There are two kinds of construction schedule template words on the internet; one is an empty template, and the other isn’t. You can download templates in any format, such as XLXS, CSV, or JPG. If you want to make a schedule by template, you better download the empty one in Excel format.
  • After downloading the template, outline the schedule you want to make, including the project activities per deadline.
  • Put the outline on the template and adjust the setting. Ensure you don’t use columns and rows too much; make it as simple as possible.
  • Print it as you like and put it somewhere your workers can see. You can also save it just on your PC.

Construction Schedule Template Excel

To help you better understand the construction schedule, here we have some construction schedule template Excel examples printable for you. Just click on the construction schedule template Excel below.



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 Construction Schedule Template in Word Format

Free Construction Schedule Template Word

Free Construction Schedule Template Word

  • Advantages of Word Templates: Microsoft Word is great for making construction schedules. It’s good for people who want to make something simple and clear.
  • Comparison with Excel: Word is different from Excel. Excel is good for lots of numbers and calculations. Use Word when you want to write more and make lists. Word is easier for explaining things in words.

Key Features

  • Layout and Design: A Word schedule looks like a list or a plan. It has places for dates, tasks, and notes. You can see everything.
  • Customization Options: In Word, you can make your schedule look different. You can change colours, make words bold, and add pictures.

How to Create a Construction Schedule in Word

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Here’s how to make a schedule in Word:
  1. Open Word and start a new document.
  2. Write down all your tasks and when they need to be done.
  3. Add any notes or details that help explain the tasks.
  4. Make it look nice and easy to read.
  • Template Utilization: You can find templates in Word that are already made for schedules. This makes it easier. Just fill in your project details.

Enhancing Your Word Construction Schedule

  • Incorporating Visual Elements: You can add charts or pictures to your Word schedule. This makes it more interesting and helps explain things better.
  • Integrating with Other Tools: You can use Word with programs like calendars or email.

Downloadable Word Construction Schedule Templates

  • Template Examples: There are many different Word templates you can use. Some are for big projects, and some are for small ones.
  • Access and Download: You can find these templates online. Search for “Word construction schedule templates” and choose the one you like.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Word Templates

  • Best Practices: Here are some good ideas:
  • Keep your schedule updated.
  • Make sure it’s easy to read.
  • Share it with your team often.
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid: Watch out for these mistakes:
  • Forgetting to update your schedule.
  • Making it too complicated.
  • Not sharing it with everyone who needs it.

Construction Schedule Template PDF

Free Construction Schedule Template PDF 2

Free Construction Schedule Template PDF

  • Benefits of PDF Templates: Using PDFs for construction schedules is super helpful. They are easy to share and look the same on all computers. This means everyone sees your schedule exactly how you made it.
  • Why Choose PDF Over Word or Excel: Sometimes PDF is better than Word or Excel. It’s great when you don’t want others to change your schedule.

Features of a Construction Schedule Template in PDF

  • Fixed Format: A PDF schedule won’t change its look. It stays the same no matter where you open it.
  • Ease of Distribution: You can easily send PDF schedules by email or print them. Everyone gets the same copy.

How to Create and Use

  • Creating a PDF Schedule: Here’s how to do it:
  1. Make your schedule in Word or Excel.
  2. Once you’re done, save it as a PDF.
  3. Now, your schedule is ready to share or print.
  • Utilizing Pre-Made PDF Templates: You can find templates that are already in PDF online. Just download them and fill in your project details.

Adding Details to Your PDF Construction Schedule

  • Incorporating Graphics and Charts: Include charts or pictures in your PDF schedule.
  • Annotations and Notes: You can add notes or important points to your PDF.

Finding and Using PDF Construction Schedule Templates

  • Where to Find Templates: Look for PDF schedule templates on the internet.
  • How to Download and Use: When you find one you like, download it. Then, add your project info.

Best Practices for PDF Construction Schedules

  • Keeping Information Up to Date: Always keep your schedule current. Update it in Word or Excel, then save a new PDF.
  • Sharing with Your Team: Share your PDF schedule with everyone on your project. You can email it or print copies.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with PDF Schedules

  • Not Updating Regularly: Don’t forget to update your schedule. Old information isn’t helpful.
  • Difficult to Read Formats: Make sure your schedule is easy to read. Don’t use small fonts or hard-to-understand words.

The free construction schedule template, including some examples of construction schedule templates in Excel, Word and PDF for you. If you’re having a construction project, don’t forget the tips we gave you here.

That’s all about how to make a good construction project schedule, including construction project schedule templates in Excel, Word and PDF. We have an excellent construction project schedule template printable below to give you a clearer idea. If you want an empty sheet, you can download some template files here.