4 Streamlined Employee Absence Schedule

Productivity is a must in every company. But, how can you reach that when your employees are not in office in the first place? That is why it is increasingly crucial to keep track of your employee’s absence. Do so with our employee absence schedule that will save you time and money in making.

What’s in an Employee Absence Schedule

Employee absence schedule is the tool to keep track of your employee’s absence. This is the key to your company’s productivity.

Employee Absence Schedule

Employee Absence Schedule

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 There are a few key parts that makes up an employee absence schedule. Those parts are:

  1. Details of the date and month

First, write down the name of the month. Then, write down all the days in the month. You’ll later fill this dates with details like whether they are absent or present.

  1. Employees name

Write down each of your company’s name. What you could do also is to write down their id number in the company.

  1. Color coded absence type

Color coding makes things a whole lot easier. For example, write down holidays with blue. You could also mark sick days with green blocks. By the end of the month, you’ll review the schedule better and more efficiently because of this color code.

  1. Total of leave

Then, at the bottom, write down their total of leave. It’s best to count all the different reasons of leave into one at this point.

Employee Absence Schedule Excel

Employee Absence Schedule Excel

Employee Absence Schedule Template

Employee Absence Schedule Template

How to increase worker’s performance

 Knowing your employee’s absence is one thing. You also need to know how to make them want to work more. Here are our tips on how to do that:

  1. Know why they are often absent

Sometimes, lecturing them will just make them feel discouraged to go to work. You need to sit down and ask them personally. Don’t use your capacity as a boss. Be their friend and really listen to their problem. Find a way to help solve that.

  1. Give incentives and punishment

A great push and pull for working is incentives and punishment. The incentives should be really attractive. Meanwhile, the punishment should be hard. But, it should not be expressed through physical punishment.

  1. Make the workplace into one big family

People will like it better when they work in a welcoming environment. Try to make the employees bond with each other. It will make each employee happier when they’re at work.

It really doesn’t get easier once you have an employee absence schedule. With this, you can keep track of your employee’s productivity. Soon, your company will easily reach it’s goal!