10+ Free Schedule Management Plan Template

For easy understanding, the schedule management plan template is where you do all what necessaries to finish a project. They include creating the policies, work procedure, and even documentation in project planning, developing, managing, executing, and even controlling. That’s why you have to get the schedule management plan template before everything else when starting on a new program.

How to Develop Schedule Management Plan Template

Developing the schedule management plan template is a complicated process. Because you have to understand many things about the project to build the schedule. The reason is that you would use the schedule as a guideline for the length of project lifespan. In short, the destiny of the project depends on how you create this schedule management plan. That’s why here below are the things you have to do when trying to develop the schedule management plan:

  1. Work Outline

At first, you have to know about the work outline on what to do, and until what certain point you have to do the task. The qualification for this work outline is varying, depending on what kind of project. You can start to make the outline by breaking down on the big picture that you want to achieve. Then from there, you can move backward on what certain works you have to do to reach there.

  1. Identify Activity

Once you get to know what works you have to do the next step is to identify each one of the work. List each activity that you have to do to get the work done. In this stage, you should mark the priority activity and mark on their importance. Also, you should note on the possibility if you shouldn’t do the job because there’s a particular sub to do a certain job.

  1. Time Estimation

The essential part of the schedule management plan is about time estimation. Here, you should estimate on the timeframe for each work and activity. Due to the difference in their urgency, there would be a lot of giving and take in the estimation time distribution. Certain work may need a span of a week to finish, but another one can take as much as three months. Thus, you have to consult to the expert to give a proper estimation of each work.

  1. Opportunity and Risk Identification

Before making the schedule management plan, don’t forget to make the opportunity and risk identification. You can use a simple step like SWOT analysis to do identify the opportunity and risk that lay on the project. The reason is that if you neglect this step, then there’s a possibility that you will get wrong in calculating the estimation time for the whole project. For example, you’re about to do a house building project, but you failed to analysis on the opportunity and risk from the weather aspect. Then there’s a chance your building wouldn’t finish as you estimated.

  1. Make the Schedule

After finishing on the previous process, then the last step is by making the schedule. Put the works and activities on list and their time estimation. For better result, you should make it in the spreadsheet because it will be convenient to edit, add, and remove an entry item. Not to mention the spreadsheet format would be easier to see as a timeline schedule.

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Schedule Management Plan Template that You Can Use

If you still don’t know what to do to, then try to learn from the schedule management plan template. From there, you will get at least a clearer picture of what you’re going to do. Not to mention, to get the template, you don’t have to look far. The reason is that the template attached here and you only need to look on them to start to make your schedule management plan.


Schedule Management Plan Template 01

Schedule Management Plan Template 01


Schedule Management Plan Template 02

Schedule Management Plan Template 02


Schedule Management Plan Template 03

Schedule Management Plan Template 03


Schedule Management Plan Template 04

Schedule Management Plan Template 04


Schedule Management Plan Template 05

Schedule Management Plan 05


Schedule Management Plan Template 06

Schedule Management Plan 06


Schedule Management Plan Template 07

Schedule Management Plan 07


Schedule Management Plan Template 08

Schedule Management Plan 08


Schedule Management Plan Template 09

Schedule Management Plan 09


Schedule Management Plan Template 10

Schedule Management Plan 10