53 Free Project Plan Template [PDF, Excel, Word,]

A project plan template is the most powerful weapon to ensure your team’s success. Even if at the office, school, competitions, or anything related, project plan contains a complete explanation about how your work will be. Hence you can’t just ignore the way you make a project plan. Instead, make it as best as possible so not only readers will be attracted with it – but also the investors. Need some references to make a project plan? Below this, we have a project plan template in Excel free.


Project Plan Template


Project Plan Template Free


Why Do You Need A Project Plan?


This is the classical question, yet people still like to ask it. There are some reasons why you need a simple project plan template, some essential reasons. Without making a project plan, your work will mostly wretched. Since you don’t have exact plans to do this and that. Here are those reasons.


  • As A Big Image of Your Project

Prior to the execution of your project, having an image of how the project will be is necessary. Moreover, if you have the investors or audiences to convince. There’s a lot of things to do, indeed. But still, you have to be capable of explaining the project in the simplest way. How to simplify your complex project and make the audiences understand? Tell the big vision of the project; what’s the final goal you want to reach.

  • Giving You Space to Consider The Best Strategy

A project plan isn’t just a scrap of papers contains idealistic things such as vision, mission, and kind of. You need to be realistic, and you can do it by explaining your strategy altogether. When you make a project plan, you’ll have enough space to tell the strategies you choose. You don’t need to worry about making nonsense strategy because you’ve already thought of it as you arrange a project plan.

  • To Engage The Targets

What is the aim of your project? To get funding or raise investment? Whatever it is, a project plan could help you engage people you’ve targeted to give what you want. A proper project plan would directly target the desired people and help you reach your goals. However, what we mean a “proper” isn’t just well-arranged or has a complete explanation. Otherwise, we see “proper” as attractive.

  • Explain Your Project Better

Yes, you need to make a project plan as attractive as possible. However, it’s not only the point of using a project plan. The best project plan will fascinate people by its comprehensive explanations as well as the design. With this in mind, you can make your project schedule explain more than what you speak

  • A Guidance for Technical Works

Every work needs guidance, moreover if you work with a team. That’s why you need to set a formal guidance everyone can understand. This is one of the most important reasons for using a project plan: as guidance to operate your plan, as a concept to do the technical works.


Project Plan Template Word


Project Plan Template PDF


How To Arrange A Successful Project Plan Using An Excel Template


Below this, we have many project plan template in Excel free. But before that, let’s learn how to use the template so it can help you to be more successful. These are steps you need to through.

  • Download the template as a reference. First of all, you need to download the templates from this page. You can see the templates after the next subheading.
  • See if the format suits your business. Since we have many templates, you’re free to choose which template you desire the most. Don’t forget to consider the target of your project plan.
  • Learn how to make a concise explanation. A project plan shouldn’t have so many words, it has to be concise instead. So make sure you use the simple yet clear phrase on your project plan.


Project Plan Template Excel

If you want to have project plan template in Excel free, click on the links below this. Choose which one you like and go make the best plan for your projects.